Login as an Authorized User

Students will need to set up authorized users if they want their parents/gaurdians to have access to their account. This tutorial shows an authorized user how to log in after the student has added the authorized user to their Drake Student Account.

1. Student Allows Access

Before an authorized use can log in the student must give them access to the account as seen below. For more information about this step see Setting Up an Authorized User.

Student Allows Access

2. Email

  1. The authorized User will receive e-mail from ebill@drake.edu.
  2. Click here to go to the login homepage.
  3. The username will be the email the student set for the authorized user.

3. Access Information

1. Authorized User will receive an additional e-mail from ebill@drake.edu

2. This is the same login homepage as the previous email

3. This email contains the temporary password the authorized user will use to login to the student account along with the email displayed in the previous message.

Access Information

4. Login Homepage

Login Link: https://secure.touchnet/C20686_tsa/web/login.jsp

1. Input e-mail from first e-mail received

2. Input the password from second e-mail received

3. Click Login

Login Homepage

Authorized User Profile Setup

1. Enter your name and an alternate email address if you have one.

2. Enter a new password for our account.

3. Click Save.

Authorized User Profile Setup


  1. If you have more than one student, you may click tab to select another student
  2. Click here for latest billing statement