Set up Your Refund Account

Students can set up an ACH Refund Account. Setting up an ACH Refund Account allows for future refunds to be deposited directly to the student's bank account.

1. Log in to blueView

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Drake ID and Password.
Log in to blueView

2. My Drake Account Tab

1. Click on My Drake Account tab.

2. Click on Access Your Drake Account underneath Student Account Services.

3. Refund Account Setup/eRefunds

1. If you do not have a Refund Account set up then you will have this alert. Click Refund Account Setup.


2. Click eRefunds.

Refund Account Setup/eRefunds

4. Set up Account

1. Click Set up Account here.


2. Click Set up Account here.

Set up Account

5. Select Account

1. If you already have a checking account saved and want to use that account, Choose that Account.

2. OR Click Set up a new account.

Select Account

6. Set Up a New Account

1. Input Account Information

2. Input Billing Information

3. Input a saved name

4. Click Continue

Set Up a New Account

7. Set Up Refund Account

1. Check box to agree

2. Click Continue

Set Up Refund Account

8. Set Up Refund Account

Your new ACH refund account has been saved.

Set Up Refund Account