How to Setup a Payment Plan

This tutorial shows students and authorized users how to set up a payment plan for the student's account.

  • Students log in through blueView and parents will need to log in using their authorized user account set up by their student.
  • Authorized users start at the Payment Plans (Authorized Users Start Here) step.

Login to blueView

1. Enter your Drake ID and password

My Drake Account Tab

1. Click on My Drake Account Tab
2. Click on Access Your Drake Account

Payment Plans (Authorized Users Start Here)

1. Click Payment Plans Tab
2. Click Enroll Now

Payment Plan Enrollment

1. Select a term, Click Select
2. Click Continue

Payment Plan Enrollment

1. Input down payment if desire
2. Click Display Payment Schedule

Payment Plan Enrollment

View Plan Details
1. Click button to choose automatic payments
2. Click button to choose to set up your own payments
3. Click Continue

Payment Plan Enrollment

Payment Plan Charge/Finance Charge is $30 per Semester
1. Check box to agree
2. Click Continue

Payment Plan Enrollment

You are now enrolled
1. To Make Payments go to Payments
2. View Payment Plan Agreement
3. Pay off Plan

If you need further assistance, please contact Student Accounts at 515-271-2151.

Visit our website at


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