Ordering an Official Transcript

1. Log In

1. Log into your BlueView account using your Drake student ID and password.

2. Student Services

1. On the BlueView home page, click on Student Services tab.

3. Order Transcript

1. On the Student Services tab, click on Order Official Copy

4. Select enrollment type

You will be forwarded to a secure channel called “Student Self-service Site”. On this page you can access enrollment information, student loan deferment notification, proof of enrollment and order/track transcript.

1.  Choose between Current enrollment and All enrollment for your desired transcript.

2. Click on order or track a transcript.

5. Read Instructions

On this page, please read the mentioned instructions from the Office of Student Records. On the right side of the page you can track the transcripts you have already ordered.

6. Order a Transcript

  1. At the bottom of the page click on Order a Transcript.

7. Enter Information

1. Enter your personal information according to instructions provided. Click Next when you are done.

8. Delivery Options

1. Fill out recipient information and delivery options. Click Next when you are done.

9. Review and Submit

  1. Review your order carefully since you won’t be able to make any changes after clicking Next on the order review page. On the next page enter your payment method for the transcript to finalize the order.