Changing Your Password

If you are an incoming student, your default password has been set to your birthdate in the following format: MmmDDYYYY! (example: Jan011997!).

1. Go to the Password Website

To begin this process you can:

  1.  Click Change Your Drake Password on the blueView login screen.


  2. Type into your web browser's address bar. (Note that there is not www. in the address)
Go to the Password Website

2. Sign In

  1. Enter your Username (Drake ID number)
  2. Enter your current or default Password
  3. Click Login
Sign In

3. Change Password

  1. Click Change Password
Change Password

4. Enter your Current Password

1. Enter your Current Password

5. Enter your New Password

  1. Enter your New Password
  2. Enter your new password again to Confirm Password

NOTE: Be sure to follow the rules for setting your password as indicated below.

Enter your New Password

6. Password Acceptance

1. Once you see the New password accepted, please click change password message, click Change Password

Password Acceptance

7. Password Update Progress Bar

You will see a progress bar letting you know your password is being changed. Stay on the page until the process is complete.

Password Update Progress Bar

8. Syncing with Other Devices

Follow the instructions to make sure your password is updated in all the places you use it.

Syncing with Other Devices

9. Email Notification

You will receive an email at your Drake email address letting you know you have successfully changed your password.