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Android Phones and Tablets

Note: Since Android devices have operating systems that vary in versions and appearances, the icons in following steps may have a different appearance and slightly different titles names.

1. Open App Menu

1. Tap this icon to enter the Apps Menu.

Open App Menu

2. Open Settings

1. Look for Settings and tap it .

Open Settings

3. Accounts and Sync

1. Locate and tap Accounts and Sync

*NOTE* (It may also be called "Accounts")

Accounts and Sync

4. Add/New Account

1. Tap Add Account

*Note* (It may also be called "New Account")

Add/New Account

5. Account Type

1. Tap the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync option.

Account Type

6. Enter Account Information

1. Enter your Drake Email.

2. Enter your Drake password.

3. Tap Manual Setup

Enter Account Information

7. Enter Additional Information

1. Enter as the Server address.

2. Tap on the box to fill it with a checkmark.

3. Tap Next

Enter Additional Information

8. Open Email

1. After returning to the App Menu, locate and tap the Email app to access your email.

Note: It may also be called Mail

Open Email